Founded by Seth Williamson, YAWN MOON is a creative studio space that specializes in the design and fabrication of visual components for the entertainment, fashion, and advertising industries.

Sharing a desire to work hard and come up with fresh and innovative solutions, YAWN MOON inhabits a place of precision design, innovative fabrication, and aesthetic experimentation. Our business is rooted in the belief that every project we engage with is an opportunity for a transformative experience, both as creators and contributors. 

YAWN MOON is a creative space founded by Seth Williamson and located in Brooklyn, New York. 

The workshop specializes in fabricated visual components for the arts & entertainment  industry including:

  • Feature films, television, music videos, and commercials
  • Advertising and branding campaigns
  • Fashion photography, set design and prop styling
  • Media events and pop-up stores
  • Trade shows, and showroom/window displays
  • Theater and dance performances
  • Interior design and makeovers for high-end boutiques, nightclubs, and restaurants

The studio itself fully embodies our collective values: a belief in ethical practices and mindful communication. Sharing a desire to come up with fresh and innovative solutions, YAWN MOON inhabits a place of precision design and aesthetic experimentation. Ours is a business rooted in the belief that every project we engage in is an opportunity for a transformative experience. We hold ourselves to a golden standard and our reputation reflects our sense of accountability.

It is not the tools we use which make us excel, it is how we employ them. The good folks that comprise our base crew are top notch: experienced artists and inventive craftspeople specializing in finish carpentry, scenic art, and metal work. A diverse talent pool allows us to staff each project to best suit its specific needs. Our wide-ranging relationships with vendors allow us to acquire materials that are both technically and artistically superior. Furthermore, we are able to research and contract specialists when the situation dictates. 


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